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Oracle® Communications Services Gatekeeper Platform Development Studio Developer's Guide
Release 5.1

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1 Overview of the Platform Development Studio

2 Understanding Communication Services

3 Using the Eclipse Wizard

4 Service Enabler Example with SIP plug-in

5 Description of a Generated Project

6 Communication Service Example

7 Using the SMPP API

8 Using the UCP API

9 Container Services

10 Service Interceptors

11 Aspects, Annotations, EDRs, Alarms, and CDRs

12 Subscriber-centric Policy

13 Custom Service Level Agreements

14 Customizing Diameter AVPs

15 Creating an EDR Listener and Generating SNMP MIBs

16 Making Communication Services Manageable

17 Using Request Context Parameters in SLAs

18 Extending the ATE and the PTE