This Oracle Big Data Appliance software overview diagram shows the relationships among Oracle big data components. A vertical y-axis on the left categorizes data from Data Variety at the top to Information Density at the bottom. Big data is characterized by data variety, while schemas are categorized by information density.

Labels across the horizontal x-axis categorize groups of software from left to right as Acquire, Organize, or Analyze.

Acquire: For big data, HDFS and Oracle NoSQL Database in Oracle Big Data Appliance. For schemas, Oracle Database (Transactional)

Organize: For big data, CDH, Oracle Big Data Connectors, and Oracle Data Integrator. For schemas, Oracle Data Integrator. Oracle Data Integrator spans Oracle Database (Transactional) and Oracle Database (Data Warehouse) and operates both in and out of Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Analyze: For both big data and schemas, Oracle Database (Data Warehouse) with In-Database Analytics, Oracle Advanced Analytics (Oracle R Enterprise and Data Mining), and Oracle Business Intelligence.