This screen capture of the Cloudera Manager Services page shows the following elements, listed from top to bottom and left to right:

Tabs: Services (selected), Hosts, Activities, Logs, Events, Reports. Search box, Welcome admin, Help, Logout

Time periods in 10-minute intervals, for example, Jan 27 11:50 AM and Jan 27 12:00 PM. Zoom in, zoom out

Services (Current)

Add a Service button, Generate Client Configuration button

A table with these columns: Name, Type, Status, Health, and Role Counts. The Name, Health, and Role Counts values are hyperlinks. Each row is followed by an Actions button. These are the rows of the table:

hdfs1, HDFS, Started, Good, 1 Secondary NameNode, 1 NameNode, 1 Balancer, 7 DataNodes.

hue1, Hue, Started, Good, 1 Beeswax Server, 1 Hue Server 1 Job Designer.

mapreduce1, MapReduce, Started, Good, 1 JobTracker, 4 TaskTrackers.

mgmt1, Cloudera Management Services, Started, Good, 1 Event Server, 1 Activity Monitor, 1 Alert Publisher, 1 Service Monitor, 1 Resource Manager.