This screen capture of the Hadoop Map/Reduce Administration interface shows the following:

bda1node03 Hadoop Map/Reduce Administration


Started: Mon Jan 23 18:26:30 PST 2012

Version 0.20.2-cdh3u2, serial number

Compiled: Thur Oct 13 21:51:41 PDT 2011 by root from Unknown

Identifier: 201201231826

Cluster Summary (Heap Size is 517.12 MB/910.25 MB

A table runs horizontally with these headings and values from left to right:

Running Map Tasks: 0

Running Reduce Tasks: 0

Total Submissions: 10

Nodes: 14

Occupied map Slots: 0

Occupied Reduce Slots: 0

Reserved Map Slots: 0

Reserved Reduce Slots: 0

Map Task Capacity: 168

Reduce Task Capacity: 168

Avg Tasks/Node: 24.00

Scheduling Information: This table runs horizontally with these headings and values:

Queue Name: default

State: running

Scheduling Information: N/A

Filter (Jobid, Priority, User, Name) with empty text box

Running Jobs: none

Completed Jobs: This table has these headings and sample values:

Jobid: job_20120123186_0007

Priority: NORMAL

User: oracle

Name: OraLoader_fivdi_i7_hash128_dtext_dl__50000000_128_tasks128

Map % Complete: 100.00%

Map Total: 384

Maps Completed: 384

Reduce % Complete: 100.00%