Oracle® Virtual Desktop Client

Release Notes for Release 3.2

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January 2013


This manual provides information about system requirements and new features for this version of Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

Instructions for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Oracle Virtual Desktop Client are included.

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Table of Contents

1 New Features
1.1 New Features in Release 3.2
1.1.1 USB Redirection
1.1.2 Dynamic Session Resizing
1.1.3 64-bit Client Operating System Support
1.1.4 Support for Microsoft Windows 8
1.2 Product Requirements
1.3 Supported Installation Platforms
2 Installing and Upgrading Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
2.1 How to Install Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on Microsoft Windows Platforms
2.2 How to Install Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on Mac OS X Platforms
2.3 How to Install Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on Linux Platforms
2.4 How to Uninstall Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
2.5 How to Upgrade Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
3 Known Issues, Bug Fixes, and Documentation Issues
3.1 Known Issues
3.1.1 Smart Card Issue for Mac OS X Clients (Bug ID 13722269)
3.1.2 Smart Card Reader Disconnect Issue (Bug ID 13913932)
3.1.3 Upgrading to Version 3.2 Fails on Oracle Linux (Bug ID 14483098)
3.1.4 Login Page Not Shown When Connecting to a Server in Full Screen Mode (Bug ID 14549996)
3.1.5 User Documentation Access Issue on Windows Platforms (Bug ID 14826233)
3.1.6 Copy and Paste Issue For Ubuntu Linux Clients (Bug ID 16171117)
3.1.7 Copy and Paste Fails For Large Amounts of Data (Bug ID 16192828)
3.2 Documentation Issues
3.2.1 USB Device is Not Available for USB Redirection
3.3 Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
3.3.1 Contacting Oracle Specialist Support