2.11 After Updating Oracle VDI, Users Cannot Connect to Their Windows Desktops (Bug ID 14272752)

After you update Oracle VDI to release 3.4 or later, users might find that they can no longer connect to their Windows desktops. The problem affects desktops that are configured for automatic logons (auto-logon) and is known to particularly affect Windows XP desktops in pools that use Microsoft RDP (MS-RDP) as the desktop protocol.

In order to log users on automatically, Oracle VDI provides a user name, password, and domain name. In previous releases, Oracle VDI used a shortened domain name that was usually identical to the NetBIOS name. Oracle VDI release 3.4 and later uses a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) by default and, because this is can be different to the NetBIOS name, automatic logons can fail.

The workaround is to configure the pool to use the NetBIOS name for the domain name. In Oracle VDI Manager, select a pool, go to the Settings tab, and deselect the Use Fully Qualified Domain Name option. On the command line, use the vda pool-setprops --properties=fqdn-login=disabled pool-name command. This option only applies to pools that are linked to Active Directory type companies.