2.14 Issues With Missing USB Smart Card Reader Device Drivers (Bug ID 14731581)

VirtualBox RDP (VRDP) supports smart cards by emulating a USB smart card reader, the SCR335 USB Smart Card Reader device. The driver for this device is not included with Windows.

In pools that use system preparation, cloning might fail because the Windows desktops cannot install the driver for this device (the desktops get stuck at the Found New Hardware Wizard).

In pools that do not use system preparation, when users log in to a desktop for the first time, they see the Found New Hardware Wizard (Windows XP desktops) or the Driver Software Installation window (Windows 7 and later desktops).

For Windows 7 and later desktops, Windows might be able to install the required drivers automatically using Windows Update when it detects the device. For Windows XP desktops, the device drivers must be installed manually.

To avoid issues with this device, it is best to install the device drivers in the template or desktop. You can download the drivers from:


On this page, select an SCR3XX device and then click the Download link next to Windows drivers.

Because the smart card device is a USB device and USB support is enabled by default, the driver issues are seen with pools that use VRDP, even if smart card device redirection is disabled in the pool RDP settings. The driver issues are not seen if the pool uses Microsoft RDP.