2.15 Unable to Log in to Oracle VDI Manager Running on Oracle Solaris 11 Using Firefox (Bug ID 14802239)

Oracle Solaris 11 uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.1, which Firefox does not support yet. When you use Firefox to connect to Oracle VDI Manager running on Oracle Solaris 11, the browser reports the error code ssl_error_internal_error_alert. The workaround is to connect and authenticate with TLS 1.0 disabled in Firefox.

  1. Disable TLS 1.0 in Firefox.

    To access this setting, open the Options window, select Advanced and then select the Encryption tab.

  2. Log in to Oracle VDI Manager.

    Firefox stores the server certificate and uses it for future connections.

  3. Once you have successfully logged in, you can re-enable TLS 1.0 in Firefox.