2.16 Oracle VDI Installation Hangs at Installing Java Runtime Environment (Bug ID 15909269)

Due to a known Java SE JDK and JRE issue (Bug ID 15911373), the Oracle VDI installation might hang at the "+ Installing Java Runtime Environment..." step. This behavior has been observed on Oracle Solaris 10 Update 10 running in a virtual machine on VMware vCenter/ESXi 5.1.

If the Oracle VDI installation hangs at this step, use the following workaround to make the installation proceed as normal:

  1. Look up the process ID (PID) for the vda-install-java command.

    For example, use the ps -ef | grep vda-install command.

  2. Use the PID to find the hung process.

    For example, use the ptree PID command.

    The process shown at the end of the list is the process blocking the installation.

  3. Kill the hung process.

    For example, use the pkill smbios command.

If you have already quit an installation because of this issue, the Oracle VDI installation might fail when you try to install again and the following error is displayed "There was a problem installing Java Runtime Environment". This error is caused by the presence of the previous JRE installation in the /opt/SUNWvda directory. To resolve this issue, delete the /opt/SUNWvda directory and install Oracle VDI again. If the installation hangs at the Java Runtime Environment install step, apply the above workaround to enable the installation to proceed.