A.1. Parsing vda Commands that Result in Jobs

vda Subcommands That Result in a Single Job

The following vda subcommands result in a single job:

  • desktop-export: Export a desktop.

  • pool-hv-import: Import Microsoft Hyper-V desktops into the pool.

  • pool-profiles-export: Export Windows user profiles from personal hard drives in Oracle VM VirtualBox desktops.

  • pool-vb-import: Import Oracle VM VirtualBox desktops into the pool.

  • pool-vb-import-unmanaged: Import unmanaged Oracle VM VirtualBox desktops into the pool.

  • provider-migrate-host: Migrate desktops from a host.

  • provider-replace-storage: Replace a storage.

  • provider-suspend-storage: Suspend a storage.

  • revision-appv-create: Create an App-V template revision.

  • revision-appv-nominate-master: Schedule an App-V revision to become master.

  • revision-create: Create a revision

  • revision-export: Export a revision.

  • revision-nominate-master: Schedule a revision to become master.

  • revision-sysprep: Sysprep a revision.

  • template-appv-create: Create an App-V repository template.

  • template-create: Copy a revision to a new template.

  • template-desktop: Copy the template to a new desktop.

  • template-export: Export a template.

  • template-revert: Revert a template to the most recent revision.

Parsable Output: one line with the following value.


Data Format

Job ID


Subcommands That Result in a Multiple Jobs

The following vda subcommands result in multiple jobs:

  • desktop-delete: Delete desktops.

  • desktop-duplicate: Duplicate desktops.

  • desktop-reclone: Reclone desktops.

  • desktop-restart: Restart desktops.

  • desktop-start: Start desktops.

  • desktop-stop: Stop desktops.

  • desktop-suspend: Suspend desktops.

  • desktop-template: Convert the desktops to templates.

  • pool-delete: Delete pools and their desktops.

  • pool-reset: Reset cloning for the pool.

  • provider-storage-orphan-delete: Delete orphan disks.

  • revision-appv-delete: Delete an App-V revision.

  • revision-clone: Clone desktops from revisions.

  • revision-delete: Delete revisions.

  • revision-desktop: Copy revisions to desktops.

  • template-appv-delete: Delete an App-V repository template.

  • template-delete: Delete templates.

  • template-restart: Restart templates.

  • template-start: Start templates.

  • template-stop: Stop templates.

  • template-suspend: Suspend templates.

Parsable Output: list of lines with the following values.


Data Format

Job ID