Chapter 3. Configuring Companies and User Directories

Table of Contents

3.1. About User Directory Integration
3.1.1. Active Directory Types
3.1.2. LDAP Types
3.1.3. User Directory Customization
3.2. Supported User Directories
3.3. About Companies
3.3.1. Multiple Companies and the Desktop Login Screen
3.4. Creating a Company
3.5. Setting Up Kerberos Authentication
3.5.1. Whitelist and Blacklist Support
3.6. Setting Up Public Key Authentication
3.7. Setting Up Anonymous Authentication
3.8. Setting Up Simple Authentication
3.9. Setting Up Secure Authentication
3.10. About Complex Forest Configurations
3.11. Reconfiguring the User Directory Settings
3.11.1. Defining the User Directory
3.11.2. Changing the Security Level
3.11.3. Changing the Credentials
3.11.4. Updating the Server SSL Certificates
3.11.5. Adding Fallback Hosts
3.12. About Global Oracle VDI Centers
3.12.1. Home and Foreign Oracle VDI Centers
3.12.2. Guest Pools
3.12.3. Global Oracle VDI Centers and Desktop Login
3.12.4. Preparing a User Directory for Global Oracle VDI Centers
3.13. About LDAP Filters and Attributes
3.13.1. Searching for Users and Groups
3.13.2. Requesting a Desktop for a User
3.13.3. Resolving Group Membership
3.13.4. LDAP Cache
3.14. Removing a Company