Chapter 5. Configuring Pools and Desktops

Table of Contents

5.1. About Pools
5.1.1. Creating Desktop Pools
5.1.2. Choosing Between VRDP and MS-RDP
5.1.3. Configuring Pool Networks
5.1.4. Configuring Pool RDP Options
5.1.5. Enabling USB Redirection
5.1.6. Configuring Smart Card Removal
5.1.7. Configuring Kiosk Settings (Sun Ray Kiosk Provider)
5.1.8. Using the NetBIOS Name to Log In to Windows Desktops
5.1.9. Location Awareness
5.2. About Desktops and Templates
5.2.1. Supported Desktop Operating Systems
5.2.2. About Templates and Revisions
5.2.3. About Desktop and Virtual Machine States
5.3. Creating Desktop Images
5.3.1. Creating Virtual Machines (Oracle VM VirtualBox)
5.3.2. Creating Virtual Machines (VMware vCenter)
5.3.3. Creating Virtual Machines (Microsoft Hyper-V)
5.4. Importing Desktops
5.4.1. Importing Desktops (Oracle VM VirtualBox)
5.4.2. Importing Desktops (VMware vCenter)
5.4.3. Importing Desktops (Microsoft Hyper-V)
5.4.4. Importing Individual Windows PCs
5.4.5. About Template Management
5.5. Cloning Desktops
5.5.1. Cloning Desktops (Oracle VM VirtualBox)
5.5.2. Cloning Desktops (VMware vCenter)
5.5.3. Enabling VMware Linked Cloning
5.5.4. Cloning Desktops (Microsoft Hyper-V)
5.5.5. About Clone Customization
5.5.6. Debugging Fast Preparation Problems
5.5.7. Enabling Oracle VDI Fast Preparation for Windows Templates (Oracle VM VirtualBox and Microsoft Hyper-V)
5.5.8. Enabling System Preparation for Windows Templates (Oracle VM VirtualBox and Microsoft Hyper-V)
5.5.9. About Personal Hard Drives and Windows User Profiles
5.5.10. Clone and Recycle Job Management
5.6. Application Virtualization with Microsoft App-V
5.6.1. App-V Repository Lifecycle
5.6.2. Creating an App-V Repository
5.7. Assigning Users to Desktops
5.7.1. Assigning Users to Pools or Desktops
5.7.2. Creating Custom Groups and Custom Group Filters
5.7.3. Assigning Tokens to Users
5.7.4. Assigning Tokens to Desktops or Pools
5.7.5. Creating Tokens in Bulk
5.7.6. Searching for Desktops