4.4. Sun Ray Kiosk Desktop Providers

Oracle VDI Sun Ray Kiosk desktop providers enable you to use an existing Sun Ray Kiosk Mode session type instead of a regular Oracle VDI desktop. A pool for a Sun Ray Kiosk desktop provider enables you to specify arguments for the kiosk session. If a user, group or token is assigned to a kiosk pool, the kiosk session is listed on users' Desktop Selector screen as well as their regular Oracle VDI desktops. When the kiosk session ends, users are returned to the login screen.

Sun Ray Kiosk desktop providers enable you to provide access to types of sessions that are not available with Oracle VDI itself, for example to connect to a remote desktop using a different broker such as the Sun Ray VMware View connector, or to provide access to a web-based application in a locked-down web browser.

Each Sun Ray Kiosk desktop provider corresponds to one kiosk session type that is available in the Oracle VDI Center. Each pool connected to a Sun Ray Kiosk Session provider can have its own specific settings for the kiosk session, see Section 5.1.7, “Configuring Kiosk Settings (Sun Ray Kiosk Provider)”.

For more information about configuring Sun Ray kiosk sessions, see Kiosk Mode in the Sun Ray Software Administration Guide.

Kiosk Session Environment

The Sun Ray Kiosk desktop provider makes some information available that can be used in kiosk session scripts to detect whether the kiosk session is being run by Oracle VDI. This is useful for integrating different kiosk sessions with Oracle VDI, for example to provide a single sign-on capability, or to make the different sessions operate as an integrated desktop where users have multiple desktops. The following information is available:

The following is a simple example of how this information might be used in a kiosk session script.

read thePassword

Restrictions on Kiosk Session Types

There are restrictions on the kiosk session types that can be used with Sun Ray Kiosk desktop providers. Most of these are because Oracle VDI itself runs under Sun Ray Kiosk Mode. A kiosk session run by a Sun Ray Kiosk desktop provider is a sub-process of the main Oracle VDI kiosk session. Note the following: