8.10. Deleting Orphan Disks

For the Oracle VM VirtualBox and Microsoft Hyper-V desktop providers, storage is provided by external storage volumes, and this storage is assigned to desktops and templates as you create them. Eventually, you may delete the desktops and templates, but the associated storage is not automatically released.

Orphan disks are those storage volumes that are not currently mapped to any desktop or template and can be deleted to free up space. Orphan disks that have descending clones cannot be deleted.


Some orphan disks may still hold important data. Make sure the data on an orphan disk is no longer needed before you delete it.

Oracle VDI Manager Steps

  1. In Oracle VDI Manager, go to Desktop Providers.

  2. Select an Oracle VM VirtualBox or Microsoft Hyper-V desktop provider.

  3. Go to the Storage tab.

  4. Select a storage server.

    The Storage Summary page is displayed for the storage server.

  5. Click the Orphan Disk link.

    The Orphan Disk page is displayed.

  6. Select the orphan disks to delete and click Delete.


The orphan disks without a checkbox cannot be deleted.

Command Line Steps

  1. List the current desktop providers.

    # /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda provider-list
  2. List the storage servers for the specific desktop provider.

    # /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda provider-list-storage desktop-provider
  3. List the orphan disks for a desktop provider's storage server.

    # /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda provider-storage-orphans -h storage-hostname \
    -z storage-zfs-pool desktop-provider
  4. Delete one or more orphan disks.

    # /opt/SUNWvda/sbin/vda provider-storage-orphan-delete -r desktop-provider \
    -s storage-hostname -z storage-zfs-pool volumeId1 [volumeId2...]