6.4. Desktop Access Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle VDI supports secure web access to desktops through Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD). You can use either the Oracle VDI Broker or a Windows application object to access desktops.

The Oracle VDI Broker is part of the SGD Dynamic Launch feature. The broker uses the web services application programming interface (API) of the Oracle VDI Client command line tool to authenticate the user, to obtain a list of desktops for the user, and to start and end the desktop. The SGD RDP client (ttatsc) is then used to display the desktop. For detailed information on configuring and using the broker, see Integrating SGD with Oracle VDI in the SGD Administration Guide for your SGD release.


The Oracle VDI Broker replaces the Legacy Oracle VDI Broker that was available in SGD release 4.6. It is best to use the Oracle VDI Broker because it uses a public API and does not require SGD and Oracle VDI to be installed on the same host.

Use a Windows application object if you are unable to use the broker. With this access method, the SGD RDP client (ttatsc) is used to access a desktop in the same way as a regular RDP client, as described in Section 6.3.1, “Accessing Desktops With an RDP Client”. For detailed information on configuring Windows application objects, see Windows Applications in the SGD Administration Guide for your SGD release.