8.4. Monitoring Oracle VDI in Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI adds support for monitoring Oracle VDI resources, which are called targets in Oracle Enterprise Manager. Multiple Oracle VDI Centers can be added and monitored through the plug-in. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring Agent periodically retrieves metrics and configuration data to display them on the monitoring page of each target. In addition to the information retrieved at regular intervals, the target pages also contain a number of graphs with historical data, showing the evolution of certain metrics over time.

Monitoring metrics over time allows you to identify potential bottlenecks and take preventive or corrective actions. Critical failures may also occur, and require immediate attention. For all metrics a threshold can be defined. Crossing a threshold triggers a corresponding event. The Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI includes predefined thresholds for the many of the collected metrics. These defaults can be changed as required for every metric.

An Oracle VDI deployment consists of different types of resources, and usually several of each type. A single Oracle VDI Center contains one or more hosts, at least one company with its desktop pools, a number of desktop providers that may also contain several hosts, and possibly different types of storage. Because the number of components involved increases quickly, it is difficult to monitor the entire environment from Oracle VDI Manager. The Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI groups all these separate monitoring targets together in a unified view, making the monitoring of your Oracle VDI environment a much easier job.

When you add an Oracle VDI Center target to Oracle Enterprise Manager for monitoring, the plug-in detects and adds all child targets associated with the Oracle VDI Center. The result is a hierarchical view of all targets, displayed in the Target Navigation pane. The following screenshot illustrates how an Oracle VDI target page is constructed. The Target Navigation pane is located on the left hand side and can be hidden. The content pane is the main part of the screen and displays the target monitoring data, logically grouped in a number of information panels. The content pane changes based on the target selected in the navigation tree.

Figure 8.1. Target Monitoring with the Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI

The image shows the Oracle VDI Center target home page in Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Target Navigation pane on the left hand side allows the user to select each individual resource in the tree structure. The selected target's monitoring data is displayed in the content pane, which is the main part of the screen.

The following table identifies the page elements indicated in the image.

Table 8.2. Target Page Elements




Navigation pane


Content pane


Monitoring panels

For detailed information about the plug-in, how to install it and use it to monitor your Oracle VDI installation, see the Enterprise Manager Plug-in User's Guide for Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.