Chapter 3. Installation and Configuration Guidelines

Table of Contents

3.1. Installation Overview
3.2. Oracle VDI Installation
3.3. Component Installation
3.4. Oracle VDI Configuration
3.4.1. Oracle VDI Settings for Sun Ray Software
3.4.2. Default Oracle VDI Settings
3.4.3. Oracle VDI Host Configuration
3.4.4. Desktop Selector Configuration Recommendations
3.4.5. Additional Configuration Recommendations
3.4.6. Configuration Summary
3.5. Configuration of the Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI

When considering how best to secure an Oracle VDI implementation, first examine the current or planned installations of related software products, such as Sun Ray Software, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and, if it will be used, Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD). Specific security guidelines for these products are discussed in the following documents: