Chapter 2. Security Model

Table of Contents

2.1. Desktop Access Layer
2.1.1. Sun Ray Clients
2.1.2. RDP Clients and the Oracle VDI RDP Broker
2.1.3. Web Services Clients
2.1.4. Oracle Secure Global Desktop
2.2. Management Layer
2.2.1. Common Agent Container
2.2.2. Oracle VDI Service
2.2.3. Oracle VDI Center Agent
2.2.4. Oracle VDI Manager
2.2.5. Oracle VDI Command-Line Tools
2.2.6. Oracle VDI Database
2.2.7. User Directory
2.2.8. Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI
2.3. Virtualization Layer
2.3.1. Desktop Provider Security
2.3.2. Desktop Security
2.3.3. RDP Security
2.3.4. Storage Security

This chapter describes the main elements, or layers, of Oracle VDI with particular attention to security. For a more detailed description of other aspects of the Oracle VDI architecture, see System Overview of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Administrator's Guide.