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Oracle® Fusion Procurement, Supplier Contracts and Agreements Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E22850-06
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Assigning Contract Owners: Explained

What's contract ownership

Assigning Contract Owners: Explained

Select the Assign Contract Owner task available in the Contracts work area to reassign the contract owner for a set of contracts that fit your search criteria. You can search for all contracts owned by an employee who left your organization and reassign them to another employee, for instance.

This topic covers:

The Available Search Criteria for Generating the List of Contacts for Reassignment

The following search criteria are available for generating the list of contracts for reassignment:

Previewing a List of Contracts for Reassignment

You can preview a list of contracts that meet your search criteria by selecting View as your Action in the Assignment Details region.

Assigning the New Owner

You can reassign the ownership for the contracts that meet the search criteria by:

  1. Selecting Update as your Action in the Assignment Details region.

  2. Entering the new owner.

What's contract ownership?

Being designated as a owner on a contract makes it possible to search for the contract using the My Contracts option. In this way, contract ownership facilitates easier searching for a contract.

A contract must have at least one owner for it to be validated. You must select at least one internal contact as an owner before the contract can pass validation.


By default, Contracts pane shows the contracts on which you are the owner.

You can reassign contract ownership using the Assign Contract Owner option in the Contracts work area.