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Oracle® Fusion Procurement, Supplier Contracts and Agreements Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E22850-06
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The Different Ways to Search Contracts: Explained

The Different Ways to Search Contracts: Explained

You can search for enterprise contracts either by using contract attributes, such as contract number, dates, parties and contract status, or by searching for specific words or phrases in the text of the entire contract's attachments. You can also use the text search for retrieving Oracle Fusion Purchasing and Oracle Fusion Sourcing documents. Searching by contract attributes provides the most immediate way to search for an enterprise contract.


Text searches requires the application to index the text of the contract first, so searching by text may not be available for several hours after you create or edit a contract.

Searching by Enterprise Contract Attributes

You can search for enterprise contracts using one attribute such as the party name or contact number, by entering your search term in the Search: Contract pane on the left side of your application window, or search using multiple attributes in the advanced search available in the Search regions of the Manage Contract page and Contracts work area.

The advanced search makes it possible for you to search for all the contracts that list you as an owner and to save your most common searches for reuse.

Searching Contract Text

You can search for a specific text within the contract or its attachments using the Search Contract Text page. The text can be a word or a phrase. You can enter additional search criteria such as status, dates etc. to narrow down the search results.

By default, your search returns only the latest versions of documents, but you can expand the search to all versions by selecting the Include All Versions option.

You can use the same text search to also search for the following documents with contract terms authored in the Oracle Fusion Purchasing and Oracle Fusion Sourcing applications:

Select the contract or document name link in the search results to view the contract or the purchasing document in its native application.

Global Search

You can also search enterprise contracts and documents from other applications using the Search field available at the top right hand side of your application window. This search, which also searches the text of attachments, makes it possible for you to search for documents in a broader variety of applications including Oracle Fusion Projects and Oracle Fusion financial applications, depending on your level of access. While you can use this search to find and display enterprise contracts, you do not have the same ability to narrow down your searches or to include all versions in your search.

Frequently Asked Questions for Searching Contracts

Why can't I see all contracts on a worklist?

You cannot see all contracts because the worklist lists only contracts that require your approval.