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Oracle® Fusion Procurement, Supplier Contracts and Agreements Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E22850-06
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alternate clause

A clause with an alternate relationship to another clause. Contract authors can substitute an alternate clause for the standard clause in their contracts.

blanket purchase agreement

A type of purchase order you issue before you request actual delivery of goods or services. You create a blanket purchase agreement to document a long-term supplier agreement.

clause adoption

Reusing a clause from the global business unit in local business units either by adopting the clause without change or by localizing it.

clause localization

A type of clause adoption where the adopted clause is edited to suit the local business unit needs.

clause relationships

Clauses in the Contract Terms Library can be incompatible with or alternates for other clauses.


Holds the numeric value used to evaluate numeric conditions in Contract Expert rules. A constant permits you to reset the conditions of many rules with just one edit.

contact role source

Source of the contact role list of values, such as employees, salespeople, and customer contacts..

contract deviations

Differences between the contract terms in a contract and those in the contract terms template applied to that contract and any deviations from company policies as determined by Contract Expert feature rules.

Contract Expert

A feature of the application that permits you to create business rules in the Contract Terms Library to enforce corporate policies and standards for contracts.

Contract Expert

A feature that evaluates business rules set up in the Contract Terms Library to ensure the contract terms meet your organization's standards either by suggesting additional clauses or contract changes.

contract fulfillment

Tracks the progress of contractual and noncontractual commitments by interested parties in a procurement enterprise contract and can initiate purchasing activity in integrated purchasing applications.

contract owner

An internal contact on a contract specified as an owner. You can view all the contracts where you are an owner by selecting the My Contracts option on the search page.

contract purchase agreement

An agreement between you and a supplier for unspecified goods or services. This agreement may include terms and conditions, committed amount, and an effective and expiration date.

contract source

The source of the contract terms: either the structured terms in the application or an attached file.

contract terms deliverable

A task that needs to be performed as part of the execution of a procurement contract or negotiation and is tracked as part of the contract terms and conditions.

Contract Terms Library

A repository of standard clauses, contract terms templates, and business rules maintained by your organization.

Contract Terms Library

A repository of standard clauses, contract terms templates, and business rules built using Contract Expert.

Contract Terms Library administrator

The employee, designated as administrator during business unit setup, who is responsible for approving Contract Terms Library content.

contract terms template

A template of standard clauses set up in the Contract Terms Library applied during contract authoring either automatically by the application or manually by contract authors.

contract type

A setup that specifies enterprise contract content, including the presence of contract terms and contract lines.

Contract Wizard

A guided process you can use to quickly create and edit basic contracts with legal terms and conditions.

contractual deliverable

A contract deliverable that is covered by the terms of the contract.

document sequence

A unique number that is automatically or manually assigned to a created and saved document.

document sequence category

A classification that groups the documents of a particular type and stores them in a database table. When a sequence is assigned to the document sequence category, all documents that it contains are assigned that sequence.

document type

A categorization of contracts, including auction, blanket purchase agreement, contract purchase agreement, RFI, RFQ, standard purchase order, and enterprise contract.

enterprise contract

A contract created in the Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts application.

global business unit

A business unit, designated as global during business unit setup, that can make its clauses and contract terms templates available for adoption by local business units.


Specifies if an object in the Contract Terms Library is used for procurement contracts or for sales contracts.

item master

A collection of data that describes items and their attributes recorded in a database file.

layout template

RTF document that contains the contract layout for printing and preview.

local business unit

A business unit, not designated as global during business unit setup, which can adopt global clauses created in the global business unit.

mandatory clause

Clause from the Contract Terms Library that you cannot edit or delete without special permission.

noncontractual fulfillment

Contract fulfillment lines that are not negotiated as part of the contract but are used to monitor the progress or quality of contractual fulfillment.

nonstandard clause

A clause created during contract terms authoring by editing a standard clause or by creating a new clause that is not in the Contract Terms Library.

numbering scheme

The style of numbering used for the sections and clauses in contract terms.

party source

Source of the list of values for entering contract parties, such as business units, customers, suppliers, and partners.

primary contract document

A file containing the contract terms and conditions. This file can be generated automatically by the application from the structured terms or attached to the contract by the contract author.

protected clause

Standard clause that you cannot edit unless you are granted special permission by the Contract Terms library administrator.

provision clause

A clause that is used only in negotiations and is dropped when the negotiation is converted to a contract.

purchasing document

A document such as a purchase order, a purchase agreement, or a blanket purchase agreement created in an integrated purchasing application from a contract deliverable.

repository contract

An enterprise contract with no lines or contract deliverables, such as a nondisclosure agreement or an employment agreement.

standard clause

Legally approved language that is part of the terms and conditions in the Contract Terms Library.

structured terms

Contract terms that are authored within the Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts application.

system variable

A predefined variable that gets its value from an attribute of the contract or other document.

translation-only clause

A clause with text that was translated but not edited.

Unassigned section

A contract terms section that is inserted automatically by the application whenever you change the contract terms template during contract terms authoring. The Unassigned section, which is not printed as part of the contract, retains any standard clauses you added and any nonstandard clauses you created from scratch.

user variable

A variable that can be created by the Contract Terms Library administrator for use within clause text or in Contract Expert rules.