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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle Order Management: Order to Cash Implementation Guide
Release 3.1.1

Part Number E20515-05
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C Maintaining the Same Order Number Across Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite

In both the Siebel Order Management and the Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) Order Management applications, the order number on the Sales Order is automatically generated. Therefore, the value of the Siebel order number is different from the Oracle EBS order number. By default, the order process integration in this solution allows implementers to maintain the respective order numbers in the two applications.

However, some implementations in their order integration business process may want to carry the order number generated by the Siebel Order Management application into the Oracle EBS Order Management application. This appendix provides the details on how to maintain the same order number across the two applications.

This appendix includes the following sections:

C.1 Setting Up Oracle EBS

To set up Oracle EBS:

  1. Login to Oracle EBS, and set up the new Transaction Type assigned to Document Sequence with manual numbering.

  2. Navigate to Setup, Transaction Types, Define and query for the transaction type created in Step 1.

  3. Navigate to Help, Diagnostics, Examine and enter Transaction_Type_Id in the LOV field.

  4. Click Tab.

  5. Make a note of the value.

    This value is used to setup the ORDER_TYPE domain value map (DVM) in Oracle Application Integration Architecture (Oracle AIA).


This change is recommended for only new Order Types in Oracle E-Business Suite, and not to existing ones.

C.2 Setting Up Oracle AIA DVMs

The various order types for Oracle EBS are managed using the Oracle AIA ORDER_TYPE DVM.

To edit the value of the ORDER_TYPE DVM:

  1. In the DVM file <AIAHOME>/AIAMetaData/dvm/ORDER_TYPE.dvm, select the record where value of the COMMON column is SALESORDER.

  2. Change the value of column EBIZ_01 from 1437 to Transaction_Type_Id (as recorded from "Setting Up Oracle EBS").

  3. Update MDS. Modify <AIAHOME>/aia_instances/MDM/config/UpdateMetaDataDP.xml to include the file modified in step 1. Then navigate to the folder <AIAHOME>/Infrastructure/Install/config and run:

    ant -f UpdateMetaData.xml-


  4. After completion, login to the AIA console, navigate to setup\AIA Configuration and click the Reload button to load the changes.

C.3 Configuring AIAConfigurationsProperties.xml

When a sales order is submitted in Siebel and sent for processing, the Order Number field is included in the message. The sales order submitted to Oracle E-Business Suite may contain the order number provided by Siebel. In the Oracle AIA Order Provider Service the HONOR_ORDER_NUMBER property controls this behavior.

The AIAconfigurationProperties.xml file includes the service-level configuration property HONOR_ORDER_NUMBER (values: Y or N, default is N).

To maintain the same order number across the Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite applications:

C.4 Solution Assumptions and Constraints

  1. This change is recommended for only new Order Types in Oracle E-Business Suite, and not to existing Order Types.

  2. If you decide to implement this feature, it is mandatory to configure Siebel such that the Siebel Order Number field must contain only numeric values.

    This is because, by default, the Order Number field in Siebel can contain alphanumeric characters. However, the Order Number attribute in Oracle E-Business Suite can store only numeric values.