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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Communications Order to Cash Integration Pack Implementation Guide for Siebel CRM, Oracle Order and Service Management, and Oracle Billing and Revenue Management
Release 11.2

Part Number E26501-03
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G OLM - Reconfiguring Oracle AIA for Communications

This appendix provides information about how to change the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (Oracle BRM) instance post installation.

This appendix includes the following sections:

G.1 Reconfiguring Oracle AIA for Communications Overview

Many situations occur when the Oracle BRM instance that Oracle Application Integration Architecture (Oracle AIA) points to must be changed post installation. These include:


Before switching from one Oracle BRM instance to another, you must ensure that the new instance is a replica of the old instance. That is, all the data (such as accounts, services, products, discounts, and so on) in the old instance must also exist in the new instance, and they must also have matching IDs (POIDs). If this is not the case, failures occur in Oracle AIA. If any difference exists, then cross-reference (XREF) tables must be updated with the correct IDs before any of the flows are run.

G.2 Changing the Oracle BRM Instance

Oracle AIA and Oracle BRM communication happens through two adapters: inbound to Oracle AIA through Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) Adapter and inbound to Oracle BRM through Oracle BRM JCA Adapter. If a change occurs in the Oracle BRM instance, then the connection factories for both of these adapters must be changed.

To change the Oracle BRM instance:

  1. Update connection parameters for the eis/BRM and any custom-created Oracle BRM connection factories for BRMJCAAdapter.

    The BRMJCAAdapter must be restarted after the changes are made.


    The BRMJCAAdapter can be found under the Deployment section in the WebLogic console.

  2. Update the Datasource PortalEventSyncAQ1DS with new database connection details.

  3. If the Oracle BRM Event AQ queue name or the Oracle BRM schema name for the AQ Queue (or both) are changed, then replace occurrences of the old Event AQ queue name or the Oracle BRM schema name (or both) with the new names from <AIA_HOME>/services/industry/Communications/BRM/AdapterServices/SyncProductInfoChangeBRMAQ.

  4. Redeploy the services.


The same changes must be incorporated to any custom connection factories or datasources, or composite services.