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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Product Master Data Management Integration Implementation Guide
Release 11.1

Part Number E27426-03
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A Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to synchronize items from OPH/PIM to Siebel that are associated with multiple inventory organizations that in turn are associated with the same operating unit?

A: No. Uniqueness of a product in Siebel is based on a combination of product, business unit, and vendor; therefore, if such synchronization is done, the key does not remain unique.

Q: Why only set up the cross-references for inventory locations associated with item validation organization for Siebel?

A: Item synchronization to Siebel is based on the requirement that Siebel is able to use that item as part of the order capture process in the Order to Cash: Siebel CRM - EBS integration. In Oracle E-Business Suite, an order can refer to products that are part of item validation organization only. For this reason, you must populate the cross-references for inventory location only with item validation organization.

Q: How to extend the Siebel provider service to consume the UDAs published by Oracle E-Business Suite?

A: For SyncProductSiebelProvABCSImpl and SyncBillOfMaterialsListSiebelProvABCSImpl, set the flag enableCustomExtensions in XformSyncItemListEBMToSiebelProdABM_Custom_UDA.xsl or XformSyncBillOfMaterialsListEBMToSiebelProdABM_Custom_UDA.xsl to true/. Then add custom contents in these files.


STRUCUTRE_TYPE is composed of Structure Name and Structure Type. Structure Name value is the common value associated with a Structure Name in the DVM STRUCTURE_NAME_ALTERNATE_BOM. Structure Type can be Sales for Sales BOM and any other value for all other BOMs. The Sales BOM needs to be identified by Sales as type, if this is changed the routing rules need to be changed to reflect the new value, since this value determines if the product will be routed to Siebel or not.

Q: Does the service support sharing of inventory organization across multiple operating units?

A: No. This release of the integration does not support sharing of Inventory Organization across multiple operating units.

Q: Would there be an issue if the same item validation organization were shared across multiple operating units?

A: See the answer for "Does the service support sharing of inventory organization across multiple operating units?"

Q: What are the default values for MDM-product related entries in the AIA Configuration properties XML?

A: See Section 6.8, "Setting Configuration Properties".

Q: When invoking OPH/PIM service, the OPH/PIM errors out with a message "No Access to Method [Method Name]".

A: To resolve this, here is a workaround:

  1. Remove the existing grants to service methods on Irep.

  2. Go to Launch Functional Administrator, Core Services, Caching Framework, Select Total Cache Components, Select All.

  3. Click Clear all cache.

  4. Recreate grants.

  5. Click Redeploy on Irep service page to redeploy the service.

Q: When invoking OPH/PIM services multiple times, the subsequent invocation may take long time and the service request ends with a SocketTimeOut error

A: To resolve this, here is a workaround:

  1. Launch Integrated SOA Gateway, Launch SOA Monitor.

  2. Click Purge.

  3. Click Turn off Web Service Monitor.