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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Agile Product Lifecycle Management Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite: Design to Release Implementation Guide
Release 11.2

Part Number E36185-03
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E Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide information about various aspects of Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite: Design to Release.

  1. Why do composite instances shows up in a Running state when there is a fault during processing?

    In Oracle SOA Suite (PS3) and Oracle SOA Suite (PS4), if there is fault in processing, some composite instances remain in a Running state. From PS5 onwards (11.1.1.x (where x is 6 or greater)), composite instance state appears as Running with fault.

    In both these cases composites are not actually running but they are dehydrated instances which SOA Auto recovery tries to recover.

  2. How to implement security on standard AIA /PIPs and AIA /SOA composites?

    By default, all AIA services are secured. All web services must be secured which includes AIA services - Application Business Connector Services (ABCS), Enterprise Business Services (EBS), Transport Adapter Services and other application services hosted on Fusion Middleware (FMW).

    All composite services and references that use SOAP over http are secured using Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM). All adapter based services are security-enabled using Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI). For more information, see chapter "Working with Security" in the Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack.

  3. What is the purpose of BillOfMaterialConfiguration EBO and how is this used?

    A BillOfMaterialConfiguration contains the configuration details of the BOM options in a multi level Model BOM Structure and is used in between PLM Varian Management and Ebiz option picker module. The overall business process is of Variant Management Model Option BOM configuration integration with Ebiz option picker GUI having synchronized data in Ebiz. In general, it is a GUI integration of two participating applications. This business processes the must be enabled through AIA/EBOs are:

    • Initialize the connection details like URL and initialization message for a given Model ID that needs to be configured with the Option picker.

    • The EBS connects to the Ebiz and initializes the details based on the Model ID provided.

    • The EBS returns the initialization message to be posted on the URL for the Option picker.

    • The user is redirected to the Ebiz Option Picker (Configuration UI).

    • The user completes the configuration with the Option Picker and saves it.

    • The Ebiz receives the configuration and prepares a termination message through which the whole configuration structure is transferred to EBS through ABCS requester.

    • The EBS captures the structure in BOM Configuration EBO and returns to Agile ABCS provider which then gets converted to an ABO there and sent to Agile server for processing.