About Publishing the Database Application URL

Once you have deployed your application, loaded data, and created users, you can publish your production URL. You can determine the URL to your application by either:

  • Selecting the application on the Application home page and right-clicking the Run button. Then, select Copy link address or Copy link location depending on your browser.

  • Running the application and then copying the URL.

The Run icon gets its value from the Home link attribute on the Edit Security Attributes page. This link is only referenced by this icon and by applications that do not use the Oracle Application Express Login API. Consider the following example:



  • apex.somewhere.com is the URL of the server.

  • pls is the indicator to use the mod_plsql cartridge.

  • apex is the database access descriptor (DAD) name. The DAD describes how Oracle HTTP Server connects to the database server so that it can fulfill an HTTP request. The default value is apex.

  • f?p= is a prefix used by Oracle Application Express.

  • 11563 is the application being called.

  • 1 is the page within the application to be displayed.

  • 3397731373043366363 is the session number.

To run this example application, you would use the URL:


When users log in, they receive unique session numbers. Do not include the session number as part of the URL.