Adding an Access Control List to a Custom Packaged Application

You can control access to an application, individual pages, or page components by creating an access control list.

To add an access control list of a custom packaged application:

  1. Create an access control list. See "Controlling Access to Applications, Pages, and Page Components".

  2. Navigate to the Supporting Objects page:

    1. On the Workspace home page, click the Application Builder icon.

    2. Select the application.

      The Application home page appears.

    3. Click Supporting Objects.

      The Supporting Objects page appears.

  3. Under Installation, click Installation Scripts.

    The Installation Scripts page appears.

  4. Click Create.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Create Scripts for Access Control Tables.

    If Access Control tables are defined, the Create Script page displays the tables to be included.

  6. Click Create Script.