A  C  D  G  I  J  M  O  R  S  T  U 


Apache Tomcat, 1.2.1
about, 1.8.1
configuring Oracle REST Data Services images, 1.8.4
deploying to, 1.8
downloading, 1.8.1


command-line interface, 1.4.1
configdir command, A.2
locating configuration files, A.1
locating configuration folder, A.2
configuration file editable parameters
apex.docTable, A.5
apex.excel2collection, A.5, A.5
apex.excel2collection.onecollection, A.5
apex.excel2collection.useSheetName, A.5
cache.caching, A.5, A.5
cache.duration, A.5
cache.expiration, A.5
cache.maxEntries, A.5
cache.monitorInterval, A.5
cache.procedureNameList, A.5
cache.type, A.5
db.connectionType, A.5
db.customURL, A.5
db.hostname, A.5
db.password, A.5
db.port, A.5
db.servicename, A.5
db.sid, A.5
db.tnsAliasName, A.5
db.tnsDirectory, A.5
db.username, A.5
debug.debugger, A.5
debug.printDebugToScreen, A.5
error.keepErrorMessages, A.5
error.maxEntries, A.5
icap.port, A.5
icap.server, A.5
jdbc.DriverType, A.5
jdbc.InactivityTimeout, A.5
jdbc.InitialLimit, A.5
jdbc.MaxConnectionReuseCount, A.5
jdbc.MaxLimit, A.5
jdbc.MaxRows, A.5
jdbc.MaxStatementsLimit, A.5
jdbc.MinLimit, A.5
log.logging, A.5
log.maxEntries, A.5
log.procedure, A.5
misc.defaultPage, A.5
procedure.postProcess, A.5
procedure.preProcess, A.5
security.disableDefaultExclusionList, A.5
security.exclusionList, A.5
security.inclusionList, A.5
security.maxEntries, A.5
security.requestValidationFunction, A.5
security.verifySSL, A.5
statementTimeout, A.5
configuration files, A
format of, A.4
locating using configdir command, A.1
configuration folder
setting location, A.2
structure of, A.3


database users, 1.4.2
configuration file
Oracle REST Data Services, B.1
enabling debug tracing, B.1
enabling detailed request error messages, B.2
defaults.xmll, file format, A.4
deploy options
Apache Tomcat, 1.8
deployment options
GlassFish Server, 1.7
Oracle WebLogic Server, 1.6
Apache Tomcat, 1.8.1
GlassFish Server, 1.7.1
Oracle WebLogic Server, 1.6.1


GlassFish Server, 1.2.1
about, 1.7.1
creating a WAR file for images, 1.7.4
deploy to, 1.7
downloading, 1.7.1
installing the deployment, 1.7.6, 1.8.5
graphical user interface administration, 1.4.4


installation options
standalone mode, 1.5
installation overview, 1.2.3


Java EE application servers
about supported, 1.2.1


multiple database configuration, 2.1
about the request URL, 2.1.1
configuring additional databases, 2.1.2
routing request rules, 2.1.3
routing requests based on URL prefix, 2.1.4


OAuth2, default behavior, 1.4.5
Oracle GlassFish Server
launching Administration Console, 1.7.5
Oracle REST Data Services
about, 1.1
about configuring, 1.4
about upgrading, 1.9
administering with graphical user interface, 1.4.4
caching, 2.2
configuration file
defaults.xml, B.1
configuration files, A
configuring, 1.4.3, 2
configuring multiple databases, 2.1
configuring with command-line interface, 1.4.1, 1.4.3
database users, 1.4.2
developing RESTful services, 2.3
downloading, 1.3
environment, 2.2
Excel settings, 2.2
installation overview, 1.2.3
installing, 1.3
pre- and post- processing, 2.2
running in standalone mode, 1.5
security, 2.2
system requirements, 1.2.2
Oracle REST Data Services configuration file
enabling debug tracing, B.1
enabling detailed request error messages, B.2
Oracle WebLogic Server, 1.2.1
about, 1.6.1
deploy to, 1.6
downloading, 1.6.1
installing, 1.6
installing the deployment, 1.6.6


RESTful services
developing, 2.3


SQL Developer Oracle REST Data Services Administration, 1.4.4
standalone mode
about JServ Protocol (AJP) support, 1.5.3
starting, 1.5.1
stopping the server, 1.5.2
standalone mode, running in, 1.5
structure of configuration folder, A.3
supported Java EE application servers, 1.2.1
system requirements, 1.2.2


troubleshooting, B
enabling debug tracing, B.1
enabling detailed request error messages, B.2


file format, A.4.1
request rules routing, A.4.1