14 Enabling Device Registration

Device registration allows a user to flag the computer, PDA, mobile phone, or other devices he is logging in with as a safe device.

The device is added to the user's profile as a registered device.

This chapter contains the following sections:

14.1 Enabling Device Registration in Native Integration

In native integration, to enable device registration:

  1. Set bharosa.tracker.send.devideId to true, so the device ID can be captured.

  2. Call these APIs directly:

14.2 Enabling Device Registration Out-of-the-Box

In Oracle Adaptive Access Manager out-of-the-box, to enable device registration so users can register their devices for all applications:

To enable the device registration option for users, add the following properties to oaam_custom.properties:

Properties Description
bharosa.uio.default.register.questions.registerdevice.enabled Adds device registration to the challenge question registration page.

Set to true.

bharosa.uio.default.register.userinfo.registerdevice.enabled Adds device registration to the Contact Information registration page

Set to true.

bharosa.uio.default.registerdevice.enabled Enables device registration

Set to true


To enable the features on an application-specific bases, default can be replaced with the appropriate appId in each of the prior property names.

To enable the unregistering of device(s) option from User Preferences, add the following properties:

Properties Description
bharosa.uio.default.userpreferences.unregister.this.enabled Enables user to be able to unregister current device in user preferences

Set to true

bharosa.uio.default.userpreferences.unregister.all.enabled=true Enables user to be able to unregister all devices in user preferences

Set to true

If you set these properties, the user can choose to register his device in the user preferences on the OAAM server.

14.3 Create Policies to Use Device Information

Once the feature is enabled, information about the device is collected for that user. To make use of the information you are collecting, you must create policies and configure them properly. For example, you can create a policy with rules to challenge a user that is not logging in from one of the registered devices.

14.4 CSR Resetting Device Registration

A customer reset action to unregister all devices for a user is available in CSR type cases. The "Unregister Devices" action will delete all registered devices from the user's profile. These actions are also available in the user preferences in OAAM server.