1 Introduction to the Developer's Guide

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager provides a variety of mechanisms for integration with custom applications and custom development.

The Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Adaptive Access Manager provides information to help developers integrate and customize Oracle Adaptive Access Manager and manage configuration changes in integrated deployments of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.

Information in this book is grouped into the following main parts:

  • Part I - Native integration

  • Part II - Universal Installation Option Proxy

  • Part III - Customization and extensions

  • Part IV - Oracle Adaptive Access Manager Integration

  • Part V - Custom development

  • Part VI - Lifecycle management

  • Part VII - Troubleshooting tips/FAQ

  • Part VIII - Glossary

Detailed information about Oracle Adaptive Access Manager integration with Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Management Access Manager is not covered in this guide. For in-depth conceptual and procedural information, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration Guide for Oracle Identity Management Suite.