11 Oracle Identity Management Integration

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Identity Management integrations. It contains the following topics:

11.1 Integrating Access Manager and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

This section contains issues related to the integration of Oracle Access Management Access Manager with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager. It contains the following topic:

11.1.1 File Not Found Exception Displayed for Entering Incorrect AdminServer User Name and Password

When integrating Access Manager and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, if an administrator runs the setupOAMTAPIntegration script and enters the wrong OAAM AdminServer user name and OAAM AdminServer password, the following incorrect error message is displayed:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: .\config\jps-config.xml

An error message should be displayed to inform the administrator that he had entered the incorrect user name and password.

11.2 Documentation Errata

This section contains the following topic:

11.2.1 generateOTP() API Has Been Deprecated

The generateOTP() API has been deprecated in the OAAM JAVA and SOAP APIs. Please use the getOTPCode() API instead when writing your production code. For details on how to use the getOTPCode() API, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.