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Oracle® Real User Experience Insight Installation Guide
12c Release 2 ( for Linux x86-64

Part Number E37265-05
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1 Getting Started

2 Installing the RUEI Software

3 Upgrading to RUEI

4 Configuring RUEI

5 Installing and Configuring SSO Authentication Integration

6 Configuring the Oracle Access Manager (OAM)

7 Installing Processing Engines

8 Configuring a Failover Reporter System

9 Configuring a Failover Collector System

10 Configuring a Failover Processing Engine System

A Installing the Oracle Database Software

B Generic Database Instance Setup

C Setting up an Alternative Enriched Data Export Database Instance

D Setting up a Connection to the Enterprise Manager Repository

E The Script

F Verifying Monitored Network Traffic

G Troubleshooting

H Installation Checklist

I Removing RUEI From Systems

J Third-Party Licenses