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Oracle® ILOM Protocol Management Reference for SNMP and IPMI Firmware Release 3.2.x

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Updated: January 2017

Set the IPMI State and Session Properties (CLI)

Before You Begin

  • The IPMI state property in Oracle ILOM is enabled by default.

  • As of Oracle ILOM firmware v3.2.8, the following IPMI properties are shipped enabled: Service State, TLS Sessions, and v2.0 Sessions. The session property for v1.5 is shipped disabled.

  • Admin (a) role privileges are required to change the IPMI Service State or Session properties in Oracle ILOM.

    Note -  The TLS Session property is always enabled and cannot be modified.
  • If FIPS mode is enabled in Oracle ILOM, the IPMI v1.5 session property cannot be enabled. For additional information about FIPS mode, see Operating Oracle ILOM in FIPS Compliance Mode in Oracle ILOM Administrator’s Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 3.2.x

Follow these steps to set the IPMI state and sessions properties using the Oracle ILOM CLI:

  1. Log in to the Oracle ILOM CLI using an account with admin (a) role privileges.
  2. To set the IPMI state property, issue the following command:
    -> set /SP/services/ipmi state=[enabled|disabled]

    Where: [enabled|disabled], type enabled to enable the ipmi state property, or type disabled to disable the ipmi state property.

    Note -  If the IPMI Service State is disabled, system management information using the IPMItool utility is not accessible.
  3. To set the IPMI session properties, issue the following command:
    -> set /SP/services/ipmi [v2_0_sessions=enabled|disabled][v1_5_sessions=enabled|disabled] 

    Note -  TLS sessions (tls_sessions) are enabled by default. To disable TLS sessions, you must disable the IPMI State property.


    • [v2_0_sessions=enabled|disabled] applies only to the IPMI v2.0 session property. Type: v_2_0_sessions=enabled to enable the IPMI v2.0 sessions; or Type: v_2_0_sessions=disabled to disable the IPMI v2.0 sessions.

    • [v1_5_sessions=enabled|disabled] applies only to the IPMI v1.5 session property. Type: v_1_5_sessions=enabled to enable the IPMI v1.5 sessions; or Type: v_1_5_sessions=disabled to disable the IPMI v1.5 sessions.

      Note -  For higher level of security, the properties for v_2_0_sessions and v_1_5_sessions should always be disabled.

      Note -  If FIBS mode is enabled, the IPMI v_1_5_sessions property cannot be enabled.