Oracle® Secure Global Desktop

Platform Support and Release Notes for Release 5.0

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September 2013


This document describes the new and changed features for this release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Information on supported platforms and known bugs and issues are included.

Document generated on: 2013-09-02 (revision: 2047)

Table of Contents

1. Audience
2. Document Organization
3. Documentation Accessibility
4. Related Documents
5. Conventions
1. New Features and Changes
1.1. New Features in Release 5.0
Lightweight Client for Tablet Computers
Support for Windows 8 Clients
1.2. Changes in Release 5.0
Changes to the tarantella security enable Command
Using Untrusted Certificates With Tablet Computers
Support for Java 7
Changes to Browser Requirements
Legacy VDI Broker Not Available
Security Improvements for SGD Web Page Cookies
Changes for the SGD Remote Desktop Client
Changes for Installing the SGD Client on Mac OS X Platforms
2. System Requirements and Support
2.1. SGD Server Requirements and Support
Supported Installation Platforms for SGD
Supported Upgrade Paths
Java Technology Version
SGD Web Server
Supported Authentication Mechanisms
SSL Support
Printing Support
2.2. Client Device Requirements and Support
Supported Client Platforms
Supported Proxy Servers
PDF Printing Support
Supported Smart Cards
2.3. SGD Gateway Requirements and Support
Supported Installation Platforms for the SGD Gateway
SGD Server Requirements for the SGD Gateway
Apache Web Server
Java Technology Version
SSL Support
2.4. Application Requirements and Support
Supported Applications
Supported Installation Platforms for the SGD Enhancement Module
Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services
X and Character Applications
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
2.5. Removed Features
Changes in the Next Release of SGD
3. Known Issues, Bug Fixes, and Documentation Issues
3.1. Known Bugs and Issues
2205237 – Seamless Windows Display Problems When Restarting a Disconnected Session
6555834 – Java Technology is Enabled For Browser But Is Not Installed On Client Device
6831480 – Backup Primaries List Command Returns an Error
6863153 – HyperTerminal Application Hangs in a Relocated Windows Desktop Session
6937146 – Audio Unavailable for X Applications Hosted on 64-Bit Linux Application Servers
6942981 – Application Startup is Slow on Solaris Trusted Extensions
6957820 – SGD Client Hangs When Using Smart Card Authentication for Windows Applications
6962970 – Windows Client Device Uses Multiple CALs
6970615 – SecurID Authentication Fails for X Applications
7004887 – Print to File Fails for Windows Client Devices
12300549 – Home Directory Name is Unreadable For Some Client Locales
13068287 – 16-bit Color OpenGL Application Issues
13117149 – Accented Characters in Active Directory User Names
13354844, 14032389, 13257432, 13117470, 16339876 – Display Issues on Ubuntu Client Devices
13971245 – Package Removal Issues on Oracle Solaris 11
14026511 – VDI Broker Connections Fail After an Oracle VDI Upgrade
14021467 – Webtop Language Selection Issue
14147506 – Array Resilience Fails if the Primary Server is Changed
14221098 – Konsole Application Fails to Start on Oracle Linux
14237565 – Page Size Issue When Printing on Non-Windows Client Devices
14287570 – Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Applications Limited to 8-Bit Color Depth for Large Screen Resolutions
14287730 – X Error Messages When Shadowing From the Command Line
14404371 – User Input Characters in the Authentication Dialog Are Unreadable
15903850 – Printing From a Tablet Computer Fails Sometimes
16003643 – Currency Symbols Are Not Displayed Correctly on iPad Tablets
16203938 – SGD Gateway Certificates Not Copied to New Array Member
16244748 – SGD Client Does Not Install When Using a Sun Ray Client
16275930 – Unable to Access SGD Servers When Using the SGD Gateway
16310420 – External Keyboard Issue for iPad Tablets
16416575 – Keyboard Extender Rendering Issue When Displaying Function Keys
16420093 – Log In Process Fails for Mac OS X Users
16544481 – Unable to Contact Multiple Oracle VDI Centers Using the VDI Broker
16613748 – Unable to Generate Mobile Configuration Profiles For Some SGD Gateway Deployments
16634591 – Gnome Terminal Application Exits Unexpectedly
17219328 – Configuration Profile Installation Issue on Tablet Computers
3.2. Bug Fixes in Version 5.0
3.3. Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
Contacting Oracle Specialist Support