1.1. New Features in Release 5.0

This section describes the features that are new in the SGD 5.0 release.

Lightweight Client for Tablet Computers

This release includes a new lightweight SGD Client which enables users to access SGD using a tablet computer, such as an iPad. The new client uses an HTML5 web page to display applications and to provide support for client features such as printing and copy and paste.

See Table 2.3, “Supported Tablet Devices for the SGD Client” for supported tablet computer installation platforms.

On a tablet computer, the user experience is different when compared to using a desktop computer, and how users interact with applications is changed. See Using a Tablet Computer in the Oracle Secure Global Desktop User Guide for more details.

When you are using a tablet computer with SGD there are some limitations and features that are not available. See Limitations of Using a Tablet Computer.

Support for Windows 8 Clients

Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) has been added as a supported client platform.

For the best user experience, run Windows 8 in desktop mode.

Using Internet Explorer in "Metro" mode is not supported. Users are prompted to transfer to Internet Explorer 10 for the desktop when they log in to SGD.

On 64-bit Windows 8 platforms, the 32-bit version of the Java Plug-in software is required.