A.5. Performance Tab

Attributes on the Performance tab are used to specify the following load balancing settings:

From the command line, use the Section D.16, “tarantella config list” command to list these settings, and the Section D.15, “tarantella config edit” command to edit these settings.

Changes to these attributes take effect immediately.

A.5.1. Application Session Load Balancing

Usage: Choose an option.


The algorithm used at application start time to choose the SGD server in the array that hosts the application session. In other words, the method used to choose where to run the Protocol Engine when a user starts an application.

Select the Server Hosting the User Session option to choose the SGD server in the array that is hosting the user session.

Command Line

Command option: --sessions-loadbalancing-algorithm algorithm

Usage: Replace algorithm with the load balancing algorithm to use for application sessions.

The following algorithms are available:

  • Server Hosting the User Session – .../_beans/com.sco.tta.server.loadbalancing.tier2.LocalLoadBalancingPolicy

  • Least CPU Usage – .../_beans/com.sco.tta.server.loadbalancing.tier2.CpuLoadBalancingPolicy

  • Fewest Application Sessions – .../_beans/com.sco.tta.server.loadbalancing.tier2.SessionLoadBalancingPolicy

The following example specifies that the SGD server hosting the user session is used to host the application session.

--sessions-loadbalancing-algorithm \

A.5.2. Application Load Balancing

Usage: Select an option.


The default algorithm SGD uses to choose the best application server to run the application. The server is selected from those defined on the application object's Hosting Application Servers tab.

This attribute is only used if the value of the application object's Section C.2.5, “Application Load Balancing” attribute is not set to Override Global Setting.

Select one of the following settings:

  • Most Free Memory. Choose the application server with the most free virtual memory.

  • Least CPU Usage. Choose the application server with the most CPU idle time.

  • Fewest Applications. Choose the application server that is running the fewest application sessions through SGD. This is the default setting.


To use the Most Free Memory and Least CPU Usage algorithms, you must install the SGD Enhancement Module on the application server.

Command Line

Command option: --launch-loadbalancing-algorithm cpu | memory | sessions

Usage: Specify a valid option.

In the following example, the application server with the fewest application sessions is used to run the application.

--launch-loadbalancing-algorithm sessions