B.10. Print Protocol Engine Tab

Use the attributes on the Print Protocol Engine tab to tune SGD printing processes.

From the command line, use the Section D.16, “tarantella config list” command to list these settings, and the Section D.15, “tarantella config edit” command to edit these settings.

Changes to these attributes take effect for new Protocol Engines only. Existing Protocol Engines are not affected.

B.10.1. Packet Compression

Usage: Choose a compression setting option.


Whether a Print Protocol Engine uses data compression on a client connection.

Select On Slow Connection to enable the Print Protocol Engine to compress data if the connection is slow.

Command Line

Command option: --ppe-compression auto | always | never

Usage: Specify a valid compression setting.

The following example enables data compression for slow client connections.

--ppe-compression auto

B.10.2. Packet Compression Threshold

Usage: Type a compression threshold value, measured in bytes, in the field.


The smallest size of file that a Print Protocol Engine can compress.

Command Line

Command option: --ppe-compressionthreshold bytes

Usage: Replace bytes with a compression threshold setting, in bytes.

In the following example, a minimum file size of 4096 bytes is specified. Print files smaller than this value are not compressed.

--ppe-compression 4096

B.10.3. Exit Timeout

Usage: Type a number in the field.


The length of time, in seconds, a Print Protocol Engine process continues to run without any active connections.

Command Line

Command option: --ppe-exitafter secs

Usage: Replace secs with the time period, measured in seconds.

In the following example, the Protocol Engine exits after 240 seconds if there are no active connections.

--ppe-exitafter 240