B.3. Security Tab

Attributes on the Security tab are security attributes for a particular SGD server in the array.

From the command line, use the Section D.16, “tarantella config list” command to list these settings, and the Section D.15, “tarantella config edit” command to edit these settings.

Changes to these settings take effect immediately.

B.3.1. Connection Types

Usage: Select the check box for each connection type you want to make available to users.


The possible connection types available to users.

Secure connections use SSL to encrypt transmissions.

For standard connections, transmissions are not encrypted.

Command Line

Command option: --security-connectiontypes types

Usage: Specify the connection types to use.

Valid settings are std (standard connections only), ssl (secure connections only), or std,ssl (both standard and secure connections).

The following example specifies standard connections only.

--security-connectiontypes std

B.3.2. SSL Accelerator Support

Usage: Select or deselect the check box.


Select the check box to enable support for an external SSL accelerator.

Selecting this check box enables the SGD SSL daemon to accept plain text traffic and pass it on to the SGD server as if it was SSL traffic it had decoded.

Command Line

Command option: --security-acceptplaintext 1 | 0

Usage: Specify 1 (true) or 0 (false).

The following example enables SSL accelerator support.

--security-acceptplaintext 1

B.3.3. Firewall Forwarding URL

Usage: Type a URL in the field.


The absolute URL to forward all web server traffic not related to SGD.

Use this feature if you plan to run SGD on the same port as your web server, so that you do not have to open any additional ports in your firewall.

Command Line

Command option: --security-firewallurl server-url

Usage: Replace server-url with a firewall forwarding URL.

The following example specifies a URL to forward all non-SGD web traffic to.