D.4. tarantella array add_backup_primary

Adds a secondary server to the list of backup primaries for an SGD array.


tarantella array add_backup_primary 
                          --secondary serv
                          --position [ first | last | position ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the peer Domain Name System (DNS) name of a secondary server to add to the backup primaries list. The server name must be the name of a secondary server in the array.

You can only add one server at a time.


The position of the secondary server in the backup primaries list. For position, you can either type a number, or you can use the first or last keyword to specify the first or last position in the list. The number 0 means first position in the list.


The following example adds the secondary server boston to the backup primaries list for the array. The server is added in last position of the list.

$ tarantella array add_backup_primary \
--secondary boston.example.com --position last