D.53. tarantella object script

Runs a batch script of tarantella object commands, or enables commands to be run interactively.


tarantella object script


The batch script consists of standard tarantella object commands, one per line, without the tarantella object prefix. For example, use edit rather than tarantella object edit.

The batch script can use a back slash (\) to break commands across multiple lines. Lines beginning with a hash (#) are treated as comments and ignored.

If you need to include quotes (") or a backslash (\) character in any of the values for the commands, you must backslash protect them. For example, to use "c:\ Program Files" as a value for the --args option, type the following: --args "\"c:\\Program Files\""

The command reads from standard input. For example, you can use a “here-document” to run a batch script:

$ tarantella object script <<EOFcommandsEOF

If standard input is empty, you can run tarantella object commands interactively.


The following example adds the group Applications to the organizational units Sales and Marketing, and sets the Sales OU's Section C.2.62, “Inherit Assigned Applications from Parent” attribute to false.

$ tarantella object script <<EOF
--name "o=Example/ou=Sales"
--link "o=Example/cn=Applications"
--name "o=Example/ou=Sales" --inherit false