D.62. tarantella print move

Moves queued print jobs from one SGD server to another.

If an SGD server is temporarily unavailable, you can use this command to move the print jobs that are “stranded” on that server.


This command only moves the print jobs that are currently in the SGD print queue. The SGD print queue is located at /opt/tarantella/var/print/queue.


tarantella print move --server serv [ --printer printer_name ]
                    [ --cups { y | n |auto } ]
                    [ --preserve ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Indicates that the SGD server you are moving print jobs from uses the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS).

If you do not use this option, a default of auto is assumed and this means SGD tries to detect whether CUPS is being used. If CUPS is incorrectly detected, use this option to tell SGD whether CUPS is being used (y) or not (n).


Forces SGD to copy rather than move the print jobs to the target SGD server. The original print jobs are kept in the SGD print queue.


If SGD printing services are restarted on the original SGD server and the print jobs have not been deleted, they are printed.


The name of the printer on the SGD server where you are moving the print jobs. If you leave out this argument, a default of tta_printer is used.


The fully qualified peer DNS name of the SGD server where you are moving the print jobs.


The following example moves print jobs from the SGD server where the command is run to the printer called tta_boston on the SGD server boston.example.com.

$ tarantella print move \
--server boston.example.com --printer tta_boston