D.86. tarantella security certrequest

Generates a CSR, and a public and private key pair.


tarantella security certrequest --country country
                                --state state
                                --orgname org
                              [ --ouname ou ] 
                              [ --email email ] 
                              [ --locality locality ] 
                              [ --keylength length ]


You send the generated CSR to a supported CA to obtain an SSL certificate for use with SGD security services.

Note the following:

You can use the Section D.85, “tarantella security certinfo” command to display information about SSL certificates and CSRs.

If you do not specify --ouname, --email or --locality SGD omits that information from the CSR. There are no default values.

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the country where your organization is located. Use ISO 3166 country codes. For example, use US for the United States or DE for Germany.


Specifies the state or province where your organization is located. Do not use abbreviations here. For example, use Massachusetts rather than Mass. or MA.


Specifies the official, legal name of your organization.


Specifies the name of a organizational unit (OU) within your organization, if required.

If you do not need to specify an OU, you can use this setting to specify a less formal organization name.


Specifies your business email address. This address is used for correspondence between you and the CA you send the CSR to.


Specifies the city or principality where your organization is located, if needed.


Specifies the length of the key pair. The default is 1024.


Make sure you quote any object names containing spaces, for example, "o=Example".


The following example generates a CSR for Example, located in Massachusetts, with contact Bill Orange.

# tarantella security certrequest \
--country US \
--state MA \
--orgname "Example" \
--email "orange@example.com"