D.119. tarantella webtopsession list

Lists user sessions matching the person or server specified.


tarantella webtopsession list [ --person pobj | --server serv ]
                              [ --format text|count|xml ]


For each session, the following details are displayed:

You can list user session details using the following Administration Console tabs:

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Displays details of user sessions matching the person specified.

Use the user identity of the person.


Displays details of user sessions matching the SGD server specified.

Use the name of an application server object in the local repository (if the SGD server has an application server object), or the peer DNS name for the server.


Specifies the output format. The default setting is text.

Use count to display only the number of matching sessions.

If neither a person nor server is specified, the command lists all user sessions across the array.

Guest users and anonymous users have unique names, even though they can share the same profile in the System Objects organization. To name a guest or anonymous user, use the unique name and not the name of the profile object. For example, .../_dns/newyork.example.com/_anon/1.


Make sure you quote any object names containing spaces, for example, "o=Example".


The following example displays details of all user sessions maintained by the SGD server detroit.

$ tarantella webtopsession list \
--server "o=Example/cn=detroit"

The following example displays all user sessions across the array.

$ tarantella webtopsession list