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Oracle® Fusion Applications Procurement, Payables, Payments, and Cash Guide
11g Release 6 (11.1.6)
Part Number E22897-06
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4 Process Customer Payments

This chapter contains the following:

FAQs for Process Customer Payments

FAQs for Process Customer Payments

What happens if I do not disable the transaction testing function before going live?

You can experience inconsistent data between applications. In addition, you may unintentionally create holds or charges on real credit cards for amounts not owed by the card holder.

The transaction testing functionality enables a payment administrator to initiate transactions without source products to test the setup of Oracle Fusion Payments and the payment system connectivity. Transactions initiated from Payments, rather than the source product, are not recorded in any source product. This is a valuable testing and diagnostic tool, but creates the potential for inconsistent data between applications if used incorrectly in a live environment.


On a live instance of Payments, it is strongly recommended that you disable the transaction testing functionality and unassign it from the payment administrator.