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Oracle® Fusion Applications Procurement, Payables, Payments, and Cash Guide
11g Release 6 (11.1.6)
Part Number E22897-06
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accounting event class

Categories that classify transaction types and group event types for accounting rules.

accounting event type

Represents a business operation that may have an accounting impact.

amount correction

A supplier invoice that adjusts the amount of an invoice that was matched to a services-based purchase order or receipt. Amount corrections can also adjust the amount of an unmatched invoice.


Abbreviation for Assemble to Order. Represents the ability for a user to define the component make up of a product at the very moment of ordering that product.

automatic offset

A method for balancing invoice and payment journal entries that cross primary balancing segment values.

business unit

A unit of an enterprise that performs one or many business functions that can be rolled up in a management hierarchy.

declaration des honoraries (DAS2)

Declaration of payments to contractors. In France, companies that do business with independent contractors declare to tax authorities all payments to contractors each year for each supplier.

delivery channel

Text that is included on an electronic payment that tells the bank how to execute the payment. For example, "Print a check and hold it for collection by the payee."

descriptive flexfield

Customizable expansion space, such as fields used to capture additional descriptive information or attributes about an entity, such as customer cases. Information collection and storage may be configured to vary based on conditions or context.

disbursement bank account

The deploying company's bank account.

distribution set

A predefined group of accounts used to automatically create invoice distributions for an invoice not matched to a purchase order.

document category

A high level grouping of person documents such as visas, licences, and medical certificates. Document subcategories provide further grouping of document categories.

document payable

An item that is ready to be paid. Equivalent to an installment in Oracle Fusion Payables.


Acronym for Enterprise Storage Server. An application that optimizes data storage.


An XML file that contains the superset of data relevant to a payment file.


Any of several parts into which a debt or other sum payable is divided for payment at successive fixed times.

invoice distribution

Accounting information for an invoice line, such as accounting date, amount, and distribution combination. An invoice line can have one or more invoice distributions.

invoice tolerance

Allowed variance between invoice, purchase order, and receipt information. If any of the variances defined exceed the tolerances specified, the invoice validation process places the invoice on hold.

manual payment

A payment created outside of Oracle Fusion Payables, but recorded in the application.

natural account segment

A chart of accounts segment used to categorize your accounting transactions by account type: asset, liability, owner's equity, revenue, or expense.

Oracle BI Publisher

An Oracle application that performs the following formatting tasks for Oracle Fusion Payments: 1) formats extracted data into a message, such as a settlement batch or payment file, that can be understood by the payment system, 2) supports remittance advice formatting and delivery.

payment document

A set of documents, such as check stock, on which checks and promissory notes can be printed or written. This term can also refer to an individual document upon which a payment is printed.

payment process profile

A setup entity which drives processing behavior for each document payable, payment, and payment file.

payment process request

A grouping of documents payable, for which a calling product requests payment. Synonymous with Pay Run in Oracle Fusion Payables.

payment system

An external organization that provides financial settlement services. The payment system can be the bank at which the deploying company has its bank accounts or it can be a third-party processor that connects companies and financial networks.

price correction

A supplier invoice that adjusts the unit price of an invoice that was matched to a purchase order or receipt.

primary balancing segment value

A segment value used to represent a legal entity in the chart of accounts and automatically balance all intercompany and intracompany transactions and journal entries.

primary ledger

Main record-keeping ledger.

quantity correction

A supplier invoice that adjusts the quantity of an invoice that was matched to a purchase order or receipt.

quick payment

A single payment that you create for one more invoices without submitting a payment process request.

secondary ledger

An optional, additional ledger that is associated with the primary ledger for an accounting setup. Secondary ledgers can represent the primary ledger's data in another accounting representation that differs in chart of accounts, accounting calendar, currency, subledger accounting method and ledger processing options.

separate remittance advice

A notice sent to a payee that lists the invoices that the deploying company has paid electronically to that payee's bank account.

single payment

An individual payment that is one of the following types: manual, refund, or quick.

skipped prenumbered payment document

A prenumbered payment document that is skipped during printing.

source product

The product that owns a transaction and submits the request for disbursement or funds capture to Oracle Fusion Payments.

third-party payee

The external party, such as a supplier, receiving disbursements from the first party payer.

withholding tax group

A collection of one or more withholding tax codes.