7.3 Installing FIPS Validated Cryptographic Modules for Oracle Linux

After you enable FIPS mode on Oracle Linux, you can install FIPS validated cryptographic modules as required.

To install FIPS validated cryptographic modules, refer to Section 10 of the Security Policy document for the module that you plan to install.

The Security Policy document explains how to verify that the package was FIPS 140-2 validated as well as how to configure the module for FIPS mode. See Section 7.1, “FIPS Validated Cryptographic Modules for Oracle Linux”. The certificate number provides a link to the NIST FIPS 140 validation page. This page provides details about FIPS certification and the Security Policy document.


The OpenSSL FIPS object module is separate to the FIPS cryptographic modules for Oracle Linux. The Security Policy document for this module is not specific to Oracle Linux. For instructions on installing and using this module, see Section 7.4, “Installing and Using the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module”.