2.1 About Yum

Oracle Linux provides the yum utility which you can use to install or upgrade RPM packages. The main benefit of using yum is that it also installs or upgrades any package dependencies. yum downloads the packages from repositories such as those that are available on the Oracle Linux yum server, but you can also set up your own repositories on systems that do not have Internet access.

The Oracle Linux yum server is a convenient way to install Oracle Linux and Oracle VM packages, including bug fixes, security fixes and enhancements, rather than installing them from installation media. You can access the server at https://yum.oracle.com/.

You can also subscribe to the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM errata mailing lists to be notified when new packages are released. You can access the mailing lists at https://oss.oracle.com/mailman/listinfo/el-errata and https://oss.oracle.com/mailman/listinfo/oraclevm-errata.