3.10 Browsing and Downloading Errata Packages

You can browse the advisories that are available on ULN, and download the errata RPMs for the supported combinations of the software release and the system architecture.

To browse the advisories and download errata RPMs:

  1. Log in to http://linux.oracle.com with your ULN user name and password.

  2. Select the Errata tab.

    The Errata page displays a table of the available errata for all releases that are available on ULN.

  3. On the Errata page, you can perform the following actions on the displayed errata:

    • To sort the table of available errata, click the title of the Type, Severity, Advisory, Systems Affected, or Release Date column. Click the title again to reverse the order of sorting.


      The Systems Affected column shows how many of your systems are potentially affected by an advisory.

    • To display or hide advisories of different types, select or deselect the Bug, Enhancement, and Security check boxes and click Go.

    • To display only advisories for a certain release of Oracle Linux or Oracle VM, select that release from the Release drop-down list and click Go.

    • To search within the table, enter a string in the Search field and click Go.

  4. To see more detail about an advisory and to download the RPMs:

    1. Click the link for the advisory.

    2. On the Errata Detail page for an advisory, you can download the RPMs for the supported releases and system architectures. The Superseded By Advisory column displays a link to the most recent advisory (if any) that replaces the advisory you are browsing.