3.15 Switching from RHN to ULN


This procedure is for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 system. For details of equivalent procedures for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4, and 5, see http://linux.oracle.com/switch.html.

If you have an Oracle Linux 6 system that is registered with the Red Hat Network (RHN), you can use the uln_register utility to register it as described in Section 3.5, “Registering an Oracle Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 7 System”.

You must have a ULN account before you can register a system with ULN. You can create a ULN account at http://linux.oracle.com/register.

To register your system with ULN instead of RHN:

  1. Download the uln_register.tgz package from http://linux-update.oracle.com/rpms to a temporary directory.

    If the rhn-setup-gnome package is already installed on your system, also download the uln_register-gnome.tgz from the same URL.

  2. Extract the packages using the following command.

    # tar -xzf uln_register.tgz

    If the rhn-setup-gnome package is installed on your system, extract the packages from uln_register-gnome.tgz.

    # tar -xzf uln_register-gnome.tgz
  3. Change to the uln_migrate directory and install the registration packages.

    # cd ./uln_migrate
    # rpm -Uvh *.rpm
  4. Run the uln_register command.

    # uln_register
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration. The uln_register utility collects information about your system and uploads it to Oracle.