8.1 Description

The dtrace command provides a generic interface to all of the essential services provided by the DTrace facility, including options to:

  • List the set of probes and providers currently published by DTrace

  • Enable probes directly using any of the probe description specifiers (provider, module, function, name)

  • Run the D compiler and compile one or more D program files or programs written directly on the command-line

  • Generate program stability reports (see Chapter 16, Stability)

  • Modify DTrace tracing and buffering behavior and enable additional D compiler features (see Chapter 10, Options and Tunables)

dtrace can also be used to create D scripts by using it in a #! declaration to create an interpreter file (see Chapter 9, Scripting). Finally, you can use the -e option to dtrace to compile D programs and determine their properties without actually enabling any tracing.